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Introduction & Project Assessment

Let’s meet and introduce ourselves. In order to decide in which direction we should go, we need to assess the current status. 

Whether you need to start your email marketing from scratch, or you need to need help with some segment of the email marketing, we need the starting point. 

Define Email Marketing Strategy

After initial assessment we need to develop a strategy for successful Email marketing.  This would require:

  • Set up the goals
  • Pick the right email marketing tools
  • Determine the target audience
  • Identify the right list building tactics
  • Decide types of emails to send
  • Design and code optimized email templates
  • Monitor email performance.
Automations, Flows, Segmentation
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Templates Design & Coding
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Email Templates Design & Coding

Custom coded email templates help to create a unique brand identity. We deliver amazing hand-coded responsive email template.  We can provide you with the email templates within 24 hours. We design and code email templates with the best practice in mind. 

  • Pixel perfect
  • Responsive
  • Increase open and click-through rate  
  • Engaging graphics
  • Prominent CTA
Do you already have an email design concept in mind? Great! Let’s turn it into reality!

Email optimization & Inbox testing

We’re always striving towards the best email optimization practices. We want to achieve 2 things: great design, a visual impact, and follow the technical guidelines that would bring the perfect result.

Some of the email optimization methods:

  • Make it personal
  • Make emails consistent with brand guidelines
  • Write compelling (but concise) subject lines and preview text
  • Clean and neat Contacts list etc…
We also perform the inbox testing to make sure that all the emails look good on all email programs. 
Email campaigns management
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Training & Mentoring
marketing strategy

Automations & Flows, Customer Journey

Now, after all the preparations and email creation, it’s time to put our system on autopilot. Almost all ESPs have very good system of automation, flows or customer journey… We will automate the process of collecting subscribers, welcome email series, abandoned cart emails, up and cross selling…

We will build automations that will can include any type of emails: 

  • Newsletter emails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Holiday  & Milestone emails
  • Survey emails
  • Transactional emails…

Segmentation & Lists

Now, it is time to create lists and segments. We need this to be able to send as personalised and relevant messages as possible. Segment can be done based on various criteria. Here are some of the most common divisions:

  • Geography
  • What currency do they buy in? 
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Business type
  • Website activity
  • Lead magnet interaction
  • Stage in your marketing funnel
  • Engagement level
Automations, Flows, Segmentation
Email campaigns management
Email Templates Design & Coding
Email campaigns management

A/B Testing

Better open and click-through rates result in more website visitors and sales. A dream of every marketer. How to achieve this?

One way is to run A/B tests on your email campaigns. The elements that could be A/B tested for better email performance:

  • Subject lines
  • Length
  • Word order
  • Content
  • Personalization
  • Visuals …

Campaigns Management

All the above points, can be summarized in two words: Campaign Management. We offer a service of complete managements of your email business. We believe that you should be focus on your business and not waste time with ESPs, Segmentations, Flows… or any other email related topic.

Leave it to experts. We actually enjoy doing this, plus we do this for a very long time.  We are working in your best interest. Your success is our success!

Email campaigns management
Email campaigns management

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Great Design + Clean code =
Maximize Email deliverabilty

We really care about Email deliverability, so — we act accordingly. Each of our emails are carefully crafted to maximize deliverability of the emails. We are keeping all the good email practices, making sure the code is clean, design is engaging, and we want to make sure that your emails hit the inboxes and increase the Open Rate & Click-through Rate. 

Carefully crafted subject lines and preview text to encourage open rates!
Eye catching and crisp brand graphics that draws attention and make it Pop!
Personalized messages and relevant copy that build the trust with audience
(call to action)
The footer with company's physical contact details that make sure your SPAM Score is low
Landing pages design
Landing pages design